Monday, 30 January 2017

Styling with Jate #1- Friends in the blogging Industry

"All you need is someone who joins in on your weirdness"

Hello everyone.

I am beyond excited to share a brand new segment here. Some of you may know fellow blogger Kate Kelly from Pure Irish Sugar. I always tell people I got really lucky with the friends I made from blogging and Kate is one of those special girls that has been a great friend & role model to me for nearly 2 year now. Kate and I always wanted to collaborate and then in January we decided to bring you, Styling with Jate. 

Each month, Kate and I will share a street style look with an inspired theme/trend. If you follow Kate and I, you'll know our styles are very different. So, we want to showcase how both of us can wear the same trend, but in different ways. As well as sharing our styles, will also be chatting about different things going on in our lives or certain topics that are trending.

This month's topic: Friends in the blogging Industry
This month's trend: Embroidery

Like every other industry, or in school or work, we all have different friends and people we click with. It's hard to like everyone and get on with everyone, especially when in an industry that is mainly female driven. In blogging, there are so many cliques, dramas and foes. But, these things happen, naturally.

I've been blogging just over 3 years and I've honestly made some pretty amazing and not so amazing people. But really, can we like everyone? No, sadly not. You should never feel like you have to get on with people just for the sake of it. Remember, we're only human and it would be merely impossible to get on with everyone and have lots of friends. The friends I've made through blogging, I consider them like actual friends rather than my "blogger friends"- Kate being one of them. With these friends I've made, it's made blogging for me so much easier and enjoyable. It's great to be around people who are like-minded and support each other and I want to continue surrounding myself around that positivity. 

One thing I've also noticed & learned, just because bloggers don't post when there with other bloggers, doesn't mean they're friends. I think we live in this world where we think if we don't post where we are & who we're with, it never existed. Some of my friends through blogging, I rarely get to see because some of them don't live in Dublin. But, even when I do meet them, I don't ever feel pressure to post online. Same if I'm ever meeting Kate or anyone in Dublin, I rarely post if I'm with her because I'm spending time with her and I don't need to share it with everyone. But, it's always nice to share the odd few selfies.

So, there you have it! I hope you're all looking forward to future collaborations with myself and Kate and we're excited to begin this new journey and we hope you follow us along!

My outfit:

Photography by: Sarah Deegan (she's amazing!)

Stay tuned for more chaos, 

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