Monday, 13 March 2017

Styling with Jate #3: Get to know Jate

 "because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more"

Some people may or may not know, that Kate and I have been friends for over 2 years- even though it feels so much longer! Since starting our Styling with Jate, we thought it would be a good idea to share a bit about us and get to know the 2 girls behind this collaboration. 

We asked our followers on our social media to ask questions they wanted to know about us and we chose the best 5- who doesn't like finding out our secrets?! We both answers and different times and both got different answers too!

Here's what Kate answered:

How did you meet? 
We met through blogging! I remember Jess followed me on Instagram and went on a crazy liking spree, haha! I added her back and did the same! A friendship that started online has become a real one. 

What's your biggest fear? 
Loosing someone before it's their time. Very morbid subject but when I hear of a tragic death or someone going before their time I always shed a tear. Even watching a film, I cry like a baby when someone dies.

Three things I can't live without. 
Laughter. It really is the best cosmetic. Think about what your day would look like if you didn't smile or laugh! 
My phone. I mean I would survive but I'd feel a little lost! Last year when I was in Cuba there was no internet and it was actually the best holiday I've had in a long time because I wasn't consumed with social media! 
Lip balm. Pet hate of mine is chapped lips and it makes me frustrated when mine are like that! 

If I won the lotto. 
Buy a one way ticket to anywhere and see where the adventure takes me. Hopefully it's a lot of money and I can take Jess! I'd love to be a full time travel blogger and take photos of the world. 

My favourite memory of Jess
Well this is a tough one! This isn't one specific memory but her thoughtfulness is what I love about her the most. She always knows how to cheer me up. While writing this I got a flashback to a drunken night in Xico (nightclub in Dublin) where we bumped into each other on the dance floor not knowing the other way there. You can imagine the screams when we saw each other.

If you want to know what I answered or thought, read my answers on Kate's blog here.

My outfit (click on the item for direct link)
T-shirt from Zara (similar here)
Jean from PrettyLittleThing (exact here)
Trainers from Schuh (exact here)
Bomber Jacket from Missguided (similar here)

Photos by: LoveSummerSarah
Jess to Kate "So which pose now?"

Stay tuned for more chaos,


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